Public Relations and Web Site TranslationsAdvertising in other languages has never been easier or more affordable. 

We know you don’t want to exclude your non-English speaking customers around the world. Our translators have years of experience in bringing products and services to speakers of foreign languages.     

We can help. We go beyond just being another translation service in that we have ways of helping you acquire print material as well as electronic marketing for your target market.

 The statistics are clear... 

Customers prefer websites where the content has been accurately translated into their native language. They feel more appreciated, they tend to trust the company more, and most of all, they have a greater understanding of the products or services that your company has to offer. The end result is that if your website has been translated into their language, you will have a substantially competitive edge over your competition! 

Why are you waiting to translate your site? Well you may have some doubts or concerns. The biggest doubt of all is the cost. Your site may be very verbose and you fear that it will cost you a fortune in per-word rates to translate it, plus you may fear that in order to appeal to this audience in another language, you will need different photos or colors, which basically implies having an entirely different page designed. Well we are here to put your worries to ease. First of all, the same statistics which say you should translate your website also clearly state there is no need to go any further than that, your current site, as is, color-scheme, photos and all, which has successfully attracted your Anglo audience, will be just fine with any other language group. As for the second fear, the wordage, it has been our experience that many sites with multiple pages, tend to have repetitive sections with identical wordage in several pages of the website.

While some translation services may try to take advantage of you by charging you for all your wordage, Certified Translation Services US only charges you one time for any section, therefore you are safe from being double, triple or quadruple-plus charged for your wordage. What is a simple process of copy and paste should never be charged again for a full wordage amount when it is clearly a matter of simply charging for format, which is much fairer and more affordable for you.

Here again, you may be thinking that translating your website can cost an arm and a leg, when in reality, the majority of the sites out there on the web today can be translated into Spanish for an average of $50 per page! So if your site has 6 pages, you’re probably not looking at much more than $300 to translate it into Spanish. In nearly all markets in the US, this is cheaper, and much more effective, than placing a Spanish-language advertisement in your local Yellow Pages. We are currently set up to translate websites into Spanish, French, Russian, German and Arabic, but we are continually expanding our language database, so if you wish to translate your website into a language not mentioned here, e-mail us and ask us, as we may already be able to help you!

Do you have an event that you wish to announce? Maybe you want to print fliers in another language, we can help you there, too. All you have to do is e-mail us your current flier, whether it be in Word, PowerPoint, or a pdf file and we will reproduce it in the language of your choice and e-mail it back to you, so all you have to do is take it to your printer and have them print it out for you. You don’t have a flier ready? No problem, we work with some designers and print shops in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico, who can help you.

Just send us your logo and the basic information you wish to include on the flier or business card, we will translate the information into the language(s) of your choice, all for a much lower cost than what you would pay in the US and we will ship them to you for a reasonable rate. These print shops often will offer multiple color fliers and cards for much less than what black and white equivalents go for in the US. We have used their services and have been very satisfied, so it is our pleasure to work with them to help you promote your business or event with better quality at a much more affordable price.