Legal and Immigration Document Translations


As in our name, Certified Translation Services US, we certify our translations for documents that are needed for USCIS, such as Birth Certificates, Death certificates, Marriage certificates, Divorce decrees, Adoption decrees, and any other vital records you may be required to submit prior to your interview. We certify all these translations in strict compliance with USCIS mandates. Our letters of certification come on company letterhead and are duly notarized and affirm that the translations are accurate and faithful to the source document.

Check out our online specials. Our pricing is very competitive and we feel our service is outstanding. Also, for those wishing to immigrate to Canada, our vital document translations and notarized letters of certification are accepted by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) and we will ship to any Canadian address for an additional fee. And, you can conveniently order and pay for any of these services by credit card or PayPal on-line.  

Once we receive your order, we will start working on your documents right away and will advise you of the project status on a regular basis. Priority shipping through USPS to any US address is included in the price (Please contact us if you need your documents shipped to Canada or Mexico). Expedited shipping is also available. We also translate all types of documents to be submitted as evidence in court.

The translators in our team have been submitting certified translations to USCIS and many other federal and state entities for over ten years with a 100% acceptance rate. We currently support Spanish, French, German, Russian and Arabic, but will continually increase our language base, so if your documents are in another language, please e-mail us and ask, we may already be able to support your language, too!

Certified Translation Services US prides itself on its translations of legal documents needed for your day in court. We understand that this is a very difficult and costly time for you, and we strive to do our part, which is to make sure that the documentation you need to submit as evidence for your case is accurately translated and duly certified at very competitive rates with very quick turn-around times.

Our translators have experience in a wide array of documents needed for submission to courts, which include, but are not limited to, complex international lawsuits between former business partners, adoption petitions, cancellation of removal hearings in Immigration court, and tax hearings. We understand that judges are not very patient and when they ask for a document to be translated, they want it right away.

We will work late hours to make sure you are able to submit all your evidence on time without compromising the quality of the translation.